The Adventure School was founded by Adam Hill.

Adam's life has all been about seeking out adventure. From finding the tallest trees to climb as a kid to the highest mountains in the world to fly around as a slightly bigger kid, he has continually sought out life affirming challenges, pivotal in shaping his personal philosophy. "Developing one’s independence, problem solving ability, discipline, team work and confidence."

He has worked in the adventure industry for the past 21 years. As the pioneer of paragliding in the Himalayas, establishing the first companies in Nepal and Bhutan, he has overseen the development of the industry in the region.

As Director of Himalayan Frontiers, a trekking and mountaineering company, Adam has spent years of his life under canvas amongst the world’s largest mountains. Trekking, climbing, exploring and leading people on numerous adventures and challenges in some of the world’s largest playgrounds.

A qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, Adam has spent the last 5 years climbing and mountaineering all around the UK, before deciding to settle in the South West.

A member of The British Paragliding Team, Adam has represented the UK in World Championships, European Championships and The Paragliding World Cup.

He has led Gold standard military expeditions across Nepal. Been the in country liaison for BBC, produced a documentary for National Geographic and can cook too…..

Adam Hill


Some of Adam's previous clients include the: • British Army  • Royal Air force  • Wellington School  • National Geographic  • BBC • Millfield School 

• Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor 

• Mountain Leader

• Rock climbing Instructor

• Climbing Wall Award

• Advanced Pilot - BHPA 

• Tandem Instructor – USHPA

• Level 1 Rugby Coach – RFU 

• Outdoor First Aid